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PolyVoice (1)

What PolyVoice is...

  • A web based "suggestion box" which will be made available to each and every stakeholder in Polyglass;
  • Any and all ideas, comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome;
  • Every message sent via PolyVoice will be reviewed by the executive lead team and responded to;  

What PolyVoice is not...

  • An alternative for "HR" Grievances/issues, or legal/regulatory/compliance concerns! (Please follow the appropriate procedure or call HR directly);


  1. Be nice and respectful... critiques are welcome... attacks would not be...
  2. All messages will be reviewed by the executive lead team
  3. Each message will be responded to in 7 business days (if the sender is known)
  4. With permission from sender, certain suggestions may be shared with others